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Armenians and the Internet

Staff Report

The Internet and the World Wide Web are one of the fastest growing areas in computers today. There is a web site for almost any subject, including the Armenians. Using any search engine, one can make hundreds or even thousands of matches just by typing the keyword “Armenian.” There are web sites for educational institutions, churches, youth organizations, political organizations and so on. But with all of these different sites and different subject areas it can often be difficult to find exactly what one wants. Fortunately, there are sites that can be helpful in locating the information desired. Here are some of those sites.

Armenpress News Agency:

Armenian Sites on the Internet:Address: www.armenpress.am/
Maintained by: Norair Heybatian
Supported by: Armenpress News Agency
Categories: News, Photos, Education, Sport, Ads, Constitution of Republic of Armenia, Armenpress Bulletin, Economic News, AGN.
How to use: By simply clicking any of those categories and following the directions one can navigate through the site.
Comments: This site has a lot of information and has a creative design. With a variety of categories it is good for anyone seeking news on Armenian subjects.

California State University – Fresno Armenian Studies Program:

Address: www.csufresno.edu/ArmenianStudies/
Supported by: CSUF Armenian Studies Program
Maintained by: Ara MekhitarianCategories: Faculty, Department Information, Hye Sharzhoom, Schedule of Courses, Minor in Armenian Studies, Public Lectures & Speeches, Book of the Month, Information on Scholarships, Society of Armenian Studies (SAS), Armenian Students Organization, Upcoming Events, ASP Links.
How to use: Selecting any of the categories will give the information or links to where the information is.
Comments: This site is very user-friendly and well-organized. It is especially good for those seeking information about Armenian Studies or the CSUF campus.

This is just a sampling of the many Armenian web sites that exist. Hye Sharzhoom is going to begin a project to find and bring to its readers the most useful and interesting Web sites. If anyone has any ideas or knows of any good Web sites please let us know by e-mailing: arakela@csufresno.edu or barlowd@csufresno.edu.