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Armenians and the Internet

Republic of Armenia–The Official Site

Address: http://www.president.am/
Contact: email: comments@panarmenian.net
Main Categories: Main Page, The President, Administration, News, Library, Armenia, Messages, Links.

Brief Summary: This web site is the official web site of President Robert Kocharian and was created and is maintained by his administration. The web site was designed to offer information about the President and his administration as well as offer information on the latest developments in Armenia. It is interesting to read about President Kocharian and to find out what his plans and future goals are for Armenia. The “News” section, offers day-by-day updates on the activities the President will partake in and the progress of any developments. Furthermore, the “Library” section offers all the information regarding Armenia’s government, their constitution, judicial power, national assembly, etc. People can also post questions and comments for the President to read on the message board system. Overall, this is an informative web site for anyone who is interested in learning more about President Kocharian and the way the Armenian government operates.

Hayastan.com – Armenian Internet Portal

Address: http://www.hayastan.com/
Contact: email: webmaster@hayastan.com
Main Categories: Daily News, Entertainment, For Your PC, Webmaster Tools, Search Engine, Publications, Armenia.

Brief Summary: Hayastan.com is a useful web site because it offers a built in search engine which allows you to search for anything Armenian related. There are also categories to assist the search engine (Culture & Arts, History, Business, Politics, etc) to narrow your search or to just browse the various Armenian sites related to that topic. The “Entertainment” section offers a wide range of options such as chat, dating club, horoscope, online radio, jokes and a large archive of over 3000 different Armenian songs to listen to. It also has a section on learning the Armenian language and sending free electronic postcards to friends. They even have a live web cam from Yerevan, showing St. Gregory Church and Mt. Ararat.