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Armenians and the Internet

By: Ara Mekhitarian

The Forgotten
Address: http://www.theforgotten.org
Brief Summary: The Forgotten is a web site dedicated to informing people about the Armenian Genocide. Unlike other Armenian Genocide web sites, The Forgotten is designed entirely with Macromedia Flash, making the site very easy and enjoyable to navigate. The informative time line explains all the genocide-related events that occurred from 1893 to 1939 in chronological order. The “images” section allows you to cycle through several photos with supplemented text explaining each image. The site also offers rare video interviews with some of the survivors as well as the special edition of ABC news with Peter Jennings on the Armenian Genocide.
Main Categories: Time Line, ABC News, Images, Survivors.
Contact: email: info@theforgotten.org

Armenia by ArmSite
Address: http://www.armsite.com
Brief Summary: ArmSite is a very diverse web site, offering a wide range of information on Armenian paintings, miniatures, rugs, carpets, singers and maps. The “Armenian Painters” section has over 700 paintings of the most eminent Armenian painters, including biographies and examples of their best work. The site also offers photo galleries of many ancient Armenian rugs and carpets dating back several thousand years. Furthermore, the site has a huge photo gallery on ancient Armenian miniatures all supplemented with their iconography. Overall ArmSite is a very informative site filled with literally thousands of pages displaying Armenia’s finest works.
Main Categories: Armenian Painters, Armenian Rugs and Carpets, Armenian Miniatures, Armenian Kharabagh Maps, Armenian Singer.
Contact: email: avetis@armsite.com