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Armenians and the Internet:

By: Ara Mekhitarian

Virtual Ani
Address: http://www.virtualani.freeserve.co.uk/

Brief Summary:
Virtual Ani is a web site based in the United Kingdom, offering extensive information on the ancient city of Ani. A thousand years ago, Ani was the capital of the Bagratid Armenian kingdom. Ani’s many churches, palaces and fortifications were among the most technically and artistically advanced buildings of the time. Ani is now a ghost town in Turkey, on the border with modern Armenia. Virtual Ani takes you back in history to the time when Ani was a great city in a powerful kingdom. The site offers extensive history, maps, plans, and pictures of the ancient city of Ani and its surroundings. You can also find out the current status of Ani and the physical threats to its continued existence. This site is nicely designed, informative, and very easy to navigate.

Main Categories: History of Ani, Rediscovery of Ani, Ani’s Recent History, The Rape of Ani, Maps & Plans of Ani, Bibliography, Messageboard.

Contact: email: webmaster@virtualani.freeserve.co.uk

Church Armenia
Address: http://www.churcharmenia.com

Brief Summary: Church Armenia is one of the newest online Armenian community web sites. Registration is required to access the site, but it is fast and easy. The site offers a wide range of services including; world-wide news, a free email account, free online file storage, the latest music, available scholarships and jobs. This site’s main purpose is to bring Armenians together and offer them free useful services. The Church Armenia community is growing rapidly with several new members every day. This site also offers an online marketplace, and educational Bible games.

Main Categories: World, Armenia, Church, Youth, Jobs, Education, Email, Live Mail, Share Mail, File Storage, Calendar, Favorites, Gallery.

Contact: email: info@churcharmenia.com