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Armenian Studies Program Book/Video/CD/Archival Gifts

Staff Report

Dr. Dickran Kouymjian and the Armenian Studies Program would like to thank the donors, authors, and publishers for the following books, periodicals, videos, and archival gifts either offered personally or to the Program.

His Holiness Aram I, Catholicossat, Armenien de Cilicie, Antelias, for the two copies of his book The Christian Witness at the Crossroads in the Middle East.

Trdat Bishop Balean, A Catalogue of the Armenian Manuscripts in Caesarea, Smyrna and in Their Vicinities, edited by Gevorg Ter-Vardanyan, with a bibliography of Bishop Balian’s works by Karine Avetean, Yerevan: Knnaser, Armenian Textological Society, 2002, 248 pages with indexes and a map. In Armenian with English title. Gift of Gevorg Ter-Vardanyan, Matenadaran, Yerevan.

Sarkis Chouldjian, Los Angeles, for the copies of his book History of Adiyaman. Autobiography.

Zaroohi Der Mugrdechian, Fresno, for a map of the region of Van, Armenia.

Juliet Eynatyan with the cooperation of Gevorg Ter-Vardanyan, “Chapters of Calendars” (VII-XV Centuries). Research and Texts, Yerevan: Knnaser, Armenian Textological Society, Matenadaran, 2002, 295 pages, index, calendrical tables. An analysis of three manuscripts in the Matenadaran collection; in Armenian with English title. Gift of Gevorg Ter-Vardanyan, Matenadaran, Yerevan.

Handes Art and Literature Quarterly, Glendale, for the book Handes Art and Literature Quarterly issues Number 0 to 8.

Doreen Davidson, Harper Collins Publishers, New York, for the book Hip: The History by John Leland.

Dr. Zareh Hovanesian, Old Tappan, NJ, for the copy of his book, The Philatelic History of Armenia.

Zoya Kachadurian, New York, for the books Amitayi Artzakankneru Verakochumn by Dikran Spear, 1953, and Tzayn Tarapelots by P. Tonapetian, 1922, Paris.

Col. Carl Mahakian, Rancho Mirage, the copy of Sons Come and Go Mothers Hang in Forever by William Saroyan (a limited first edition) and Tamerlane The Earth Shaker by Harold Lamb.

Avetis Papazyan, Los Angeles, for the copy of his book Paykar Hanun Ardarutyan, Vol. II.

Bedros A. Tekeyan, Armenia in Ancient Maps of the World, Quebec: the Author, 2004, 255, 230 maps (in black and white), 25 pages. Chapters on History of Cartography, Armenia in Maps, Armenia out of Maps (the genocide). Courtesy of the author: btekeyan@kronotch.com.

Union of Marash Armenians of California, Inc
, Pasadena, for the copy of their magazine Kermanig.

Marie-Louise von Wartburg, “Cypriot Contacts with East and West as Reflected in Medieval Glazed Pottery from the Paphos Region,” Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on Medieval Ceramics in the Mediterranean, from the author.

Marie-Louise von Wartburg, “‘Hochzeitspaare’ und Weintrinker zu Bildmotiven der mittelalterlichen Keramik Cyperns,” Zona Archeologica. Festschrift für Hans Peter Isler, Bonn, 2001, pp. 457-465 plus two plates. From the author.

Dominique de Williencourt, composer and cellist, Etchmiadzine et le Mont Ararat, a tribute to Armenia, CD, EA Records, Paris, 2004. A remarkable 15 minute composition for solo cello by the brilliant Parisian cellist-composer, based on his concerts and visits in Armenia, inspired by the earthquake and suffering. Available at www.de-williencourt.com.