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Armenian Studies Program Book/Video/CD/Archival Gifts

Staff Report

Dr. Dickran Kouymjian and the Armenian Studies Program would like to thank the donors, authors, and publishers for the following books, periodicals, videos, and archival gifts either offered personally or to the Program.

Lucille Apcar, Mariposa, for the copy of the book From the Book of One Thousand Tales, Stories of Armenia and its People, 1892-1922, written by Diana Agabeg Apcar.

Glatzor, Yearbook of the Armenian Seminary of the Catholicosate of Cilicia, vol. XI (2003), 256 pages. Gift of His Holiness Aram I, Antelias, Lebanon.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Avedian, Fresno for the books, periodicals, Bibles and journals from the estate of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Avedian.

Vahan Baibourtian, New Delhi, India, International Trade and the Armenian Merchants in the Seventeenth Century, New Delhi: Sterling Publishers, 2004, ix, 261 pages, with color plates, maps and an index. An important study on Armenian merchants and their activities in western Europe, the Near East, Iran and India. The author holds the chair of International Relations at Yerevan State University and is head of the Iranian Department of the Armenian Academy of Sciences. Gift of Armen Baybourtian, Armenia’s Ambassador to India and former Armenian Counsel General in Los Angeles.

Arman J. Kirakossian, British Diplomacy and the Armenian Question, from the 1830s to 1914, Princeton & London: Gomidas Institute, 2003, 365 pages, index. A major study based on British and other archival documents, first published in Armenian in 1999. Dr. Kirakossian is currently Armenia’s ambassador to Washington. Gift of the author.

Carl Mahakian, Rancho Mirage, for the book Look at Us Let’s See Here we Are… by William Saroyan. Virginia Meltickian, Fresno, for the additional pages for the Memory Album of the Armenians in China from the beginning of the last century to the 1950’s she has established for us and the copy of the book Kavkaz, A Biography of Yervand Markarian.

Mikaël Nichanian and Vivien Prigent, Paris, France, “Les Stratèges de Sicile. De la naissance du theme au règne de Léon V,” Revue des Études Byzantines, vol. 61 (2003), pp. 97-141. A minute survey of the Byzantine governors of Sicily in the eighth and the first decades of the ninth century based in part on officials seals used on official documents. Gift of Mikaël Nichanian.

Prof. Kenji Noguchi, Kurume, Japan, for the copies of the books by William Saroyan, My Name is Aram and The Human Comedy both translated into Japanese.The books will be kept in the Special Collections department of the Madden Library.

Armenian Studies Chairs, Programs, and Related Graduate Studies, 1969-2003, compiled by Dennis R. Papazian and Gerald Ottenbreit, Jr., UM-Dearnborn Armenian Studies Series No. 1, Dearborn, MI: Armenian Research Center, 2003, 1v, 80 pages with an index of proper names. A very handy guide to Armenian Studies in the diaspora including elaborate listings of M.A. and PhD theses completed at each institution. Gift of the authors.

Alexandre Del Valle, La Turquie dans l’Europe. Un cheval de Troie islamiste? (Turkey in Europe. An Islamist Trojan Horse?), preface by Jean-Pierre Péroncel-Hugoz, Paris: Editions des Syrtes, 2004, 460 pages. An extremely well documented study of why Turkey is not qualified to be invited to enter Europe, with insistence among other things that Turkey must recognized the genocide Armenian as a precondition to enter the EU. Available through amazon.com or through the web site www.alexandredelvalle.com. Gift of J.-P. Péroncel-Hugoz.

Dr. Ara Sanjian, Beirut, Kazan Visiting Professor of Armenian Studies, Fall 2003, for several books and pamphlets. Robert W. Thomson, “Constantine and Trdat in Armenian Tradition,” Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hung., 50/1-3 (1997), pp. 277-289. Gift of the author.

Dr. Bert Vaux, University of Wisconsin, for the journal, Annual of Armenian Linguistics Volumes 22-2.
Eva de Vries-Van der Velden, Amsterdam, Holland, Théodore Métochite, Une reevaluation, Amsterdam: J. C. Gieben, 1987, ix, 276 pages. An extremely interesting, iconoclastic and detailed figures of one of most famous figures of Byzantine Constantinople in the fourteenth century. Gift of the author.

Eva de Vries-Van der Velden, Amsterdam, Holland, L’Elite Byzantine devant l’avance turque à l’époque de la guerre civile de 1341 à 1354, Amsterdam: J. C. Gieben, 1989, 296 pages. A fascinating evaluation of the mid-fourteenth century agitation in the Byzantine Empire structure around the lives of the major personalities of the time, with a very valuable historical reinterpretation of Byzantine–Turkish relations up to 1341. Gift of the author.