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Armenian Studies Program Book/Video/CD/Archival Gifts

Staff Report

Dr. Dickran Kouymjian and the Armenian Studies Program would like to thank the donors, authors, and publishers for the following books, periodicals, videos, and archival gifts either offered personally or to the Program.
L’Année de l’Arménie. The Year of Armenia in France September 21, 2006 – July 14, 2007.

Armenian Children’s Camp of Tuzla. A story of Seizure, Human Rights Association Istanbul Branch, The Committee against Racism and Discrimination (Ankara, 2000), trilingual, Turkish, English, Armenian, an exhibition catalogue, with preface by Orhan Pamuk and postface by Hrant Dink, 64 pages, chronicles the history of the seizure by the Turkish government of an Armenian camp for orphans. An appendix lists 157 properties belonging to Greeks, Armenian and Jews seized by the Turkish Government.

Ara Baliozian, Kitchener, Ontario, for several of his books on a variety of topics.

Anna Ballian, editor, Benaki Museum. A Guide to the Museum of Islamic Art (Athens: Benaki Museum, 2006), 199 pages. A descriptive illustrated catalogue of the Benaki’s rich collection of Islamic art. Gift of the author.

Brill Academic Publishers, Bedfordshire, UK, for the copy of the book Beyond the Legacy of Ghenghis Khan.

Heidi and Helmut Buschhausen, Codex Etschmiadzin, Kommentar, Graz (Austria: Akademische Druck, 2001), 224 pages in folio. This is the companion volume to the facsimile edition of the entire Etchmiadzin Gospels, a profound study in the early history of illustrated Armenian gospel book. Gift of the authors.

Patrick Cazals, Rouben Mamoulian, L’Age d’or de Broadway et Hollywood, Video Documentary. First major documentary on Mamoulian with live footage of Mamoulian and authors (including Prof. Dickran Kouymjian) who have written about him. 64 minutes, available at filmshorla@free.fr. Gift of Mr. Cazals.

Valentina Calzolari, Anna Sirinian, Boghos Levon Zekiyan, Dall’ Italia e dall’ Armenia. Studi in onore de Gabriella Uluhogian (Bologna, 2004), festschrift in honor of the Armenologist Gabriella Uluhogian. 405 pages.

Karekin Devedjian, Fish and Fishery in Turkey (in Turkish), (Istanbul: Aras Press, 2006), 574 pages, a re-edition of the 1926 publication. The definitive study of Turkish fishing and the varieties of fish in and around Turkish waters. The author is the grandfather of Patrick Devedjian, the French politician and Maire of Anthony. Courtesy of Aras Press.

Arpiar Der Markarian, The Echo and the Passenger, Stories and Memories, in Armenian (Istanbul: Aras Press, 2006), 335 pages. One of Turkey’s foremost Armenian writers (1889-1970. Courtesy of Aras Press.

The Destruction of Jugha and the Entire Armenian Cultural Heritage in Nakhijevan, Documentation submitted to UNESCO in October 2006 by an International Parliamentary Delegation (Bern: Parliamentary Group Switzerland, 2006), 90 pages of documentation accompanied by a CD. Copies can be ordered directly at http://www.armenian.ch.

Vardan Devrikyan, The Transfiguration and the Feast of Vardavar (in Arm.) (Erevan, 2006), 87 pages. An art historical study of how the feast of Vardavar was incorporated into the Christian celebration of the Transfiguration of Christ. An English version has also been published. Gift of the author.

Lerna Ekmekcioglu and Melissa Bilal, editors, A Cry for Justice. Five Armenian Feminist Writers. From Ottoman Empire to Turkish Republic (1862-1933) , in Turkish (Istanbul: Aras, 2006), 415 pages, illustrated. The book treats the following female Armenian writers: Elbis Gesaratsyan (1830-1911), Sirpuhi Düsap (1841-1901), Zabel Asadur (1873-1904), Zabel Yesayan (1878-1942), Hayganush Mark (1885-1966). Gift of Aras Press.

Tim Greenwood and Eda Vardanyan, Hakob’s Gospels. The Life and Work of an Armenian Artist of the Sixteenth Century (London: Sam Fogg, 2006), 96 pages, a stunning study of the ex-Pozzi Gospels of 1586 of Hakob of Julfa, with full color reproductions of the 40 miniatures of the Gospels and comparative illustrations. Gift of Sam Fogg.

Rene Grousset, Ermenilerin tarihi, baslangicindan 1071 ‘E, (Istanbul: Aras publishers, 2005), Turkish translation of Grousset’s famous history of the Armenians, 751 pages. Gift of Paylin Tovmasian, Istanbul.

Walter Karabian, Los Angeles, for the poster of the Survivors of the Genocide, the picture of Armenians (class of 1956) from Roosevelt High School’s 50th class reunion (Fresno, CA) and a historical Armenian funeral picture (ca 1910).

Hrayr S. Karagueuzian, Genocide and Life Insurance. The Armenian Case, with a preface by Dickran Kouymjian (La Verne: University Press, 2006), 185 pages, the only document history of Armenian life insurance policies issued before the genocide. Gift of the author.

Armen Kojoyian, San Diego, for the book Baxter Shares his Bear (story by Candice Stein; Illustrated by Armen Kojoyian) and the 2007 Surp Giragos Calendars.

David Kherdian, Letters to My Father, poems (Ashland Oregon: Riverswood Books, 2004), 95 pages. A very moving series of poems describing the relationship between an Armenian father and his son in the Armenian diaspora of Racine, Wisconsin. Gift of the author.

Linda Komaroff, editor, Beyond the Legacy of Genghis Khan, proceedings of a conference held in conjunction with an exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2003, Leiden: Brill, 2006, xxv, 652 pages. Article by Dickran Kouymjian, “Chinese Motifs in Thirteenth-Century Armenian Art: The Mongol Connection,” pp. 303-324, color pls. 23-25, figs. 58-67.

Osman Köker, editor, 100 yil Önce Türkiye’ de Ermenlier, the postcard collection of Orlando Carlo Calumeno, Istanbul, 2005, 399 pages. A massive album catalogue of the exhibit of 792 historical postcards of Armenian monuments and life in pre-Genocide Ottoman Empire. An English version is available. Gift of Mihran Tovmasyan of Istanbul.

Zareh Khrakhouni, Des Villes et des Hommes, Poémes translated by Nazareth Topalian (Istanbul, 2002), 109 pages. Gift of Zareh Khrakhouni.

Harold Lorin, The Tin Merchant, The Passion of Jesus as it Happened to a Family, a novel, n.p., n.d. [2006], 272 pages. Gift of the author.

Elizabeth Koojoolian, Fresno, for several books on Russian grammar and Russian-Armenian dictionaries.

Mae Medzadoorian, Fresno, for a collection of Armenian records.

Shahen Mkrtchyan, Vandalism. A Collection of Evidential and Documentary Materials about the Destruction and Misappropriation of the Heritage of Armenian-Christian Culture in Azerbaijan (Erevan: Noyan Tapan, 2005), 104 pages. Based on documents and before and after photos, it shows the willful destruction of Armenian monument.

Claude Mutafian, editor, Les Lusignans et l’Outre-Mer, Proceedings of a conference in Poitier-Lusignan, October 1993, n.d., n.p. [Poitiers, 1994?], 323 pages. Gift of the editor.

Artak Movsisyan, Armenian Hieroglyphs (in Arm.) (Erevan: Erevan University, 2003), 271 pages, full illustrated with drawing of all Armenian hieroglyphic writing. Gift of the author.

Artak Movsisyan, The Writing Culture of Pre-Mashtotsian Armenian (in Arm.) (Erevan: Armenian University Press, 2003), 397 pages, a presentation of cuneiform and other writing forms in geographical Armenia prior to the invention of the alphabet. Gift of the author.

Artak Movsisyan, Armenia in the Third Millennium before Christ, Based on Written Documents (in Arm.) (Erevan: Erevan University, 2005), 176 pages with maps and illustrations. Gift of the author.

Artak Movsisyan, Armenia in the Spiritual Geography of the Ancient Near East (Erevan: University Press, 2004), 75 pages, an interesting illustrated study of pre-Christian archeology and writing systems. Gift of the author.

Razmik Panossian, The Armenians. From Kings and Priests to Merchants and Commissars (New York: Columbia University Press, 2006), 442 pages with index and bibliography. A modern history from the 17th century to 1965.

James J. Reid, Crisis of the Ottoman Empire, Prelude to Collapse 1839-1878 (Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2000), 517 pages, a major study based on the sources. Gift of the author.

Richard Rhorer, New York, NY, (Henry Holt & Company, 2006) for the book A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility by Taner Akçam.

Marisa Soderberg, Boulder CO, (Perseus Books Group), for the copy of the book Understanding Architecture: Its Elements, History, and Meaning by Leland M. Roth (second edition).

Michael Stone, Dickran Kouymjian, Henning Lehmann, Album of Armenian Paleography, Armenian translation by Gohar Muradyan and Aram Topchyan, under the patronage of His Holiness Catholicos Karekin II (Erevan: Medzn Tigran Press, 2006), 556 pages in folio, with 200 color plates.

Levon Ter Petrossian, Selected Speeches, Articles, Interviews (in Arm.), Archives of the First President of Armenia (Erevan, 2006), 727 pages. Gift of President Ter Petrossian.

Levon Ter Petrossian, The Crusaders and the Armenians (in Arm.), vol. I (Erevan, 2005), with bibliography, index, maps in color, 551 pages. A presentation with commentary of the most important sources on the Crusades. Gift of the author.

Maxime Yevadian, Dentelles de Pierre, e’étoffe, de parchemin et de metal, Les Arts des Chrétiens d’Arménie du Moyen Age (Montélimar: Montélimar Museum, 2006), 167 pages. This first catalogue in what promises to be a year of exhibition catalogues celebrating the Year of Armenia in France. The work is devoted to an analysis of the styles of Armenian architecture and the ornamentation of medieval works of art. Gift of the author.

Zahrad (Zareh Yaldizciyan), Poems, 2 volumes, in Armenian (Istanbul: Aras Press, 2006), 534 and 437 pages, boxed. A tribute to one of Istanbul’s greatest Armenian poets, Zahrad, born 1924. Gift of Aras Press and Paylin Tovmasyan. Details on Aras Press publications can be found at www.arasyayincilik.com