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Armenian Studies Program Book/Video/CD Archival Gifts

Staff Report

Prof. Barlow Der Mugrechian, Prof. Sergio La Porta, and the Armenian Studies Program would like to thank the donors, authors, and publishers for the following books, periodicals, videos, and archival gifts, either offered personally or to the program.

Lucille Apcar, Mariposa, California, for a variety of Armenian themed books and CDs.

Armenian International Women’s Association, Watertown, MA, for copies of two newly published translations of Zabel Yessayan’s works, The Gardens of Silihdar, tr. by Jennifer Manoukian (Boston, MA: AIWA Press, 2014), 173pp., in English and My Soul in Exile and Other Writings, edited by Barbara Merguerian (Boston, MA: AIWA, 2014), 118pp., in English. The Gardens of Silihdar is a narrative of Yessayan’s childhood and an account of Armenian community life in Constantinople. My Soul in Exile and other short stories addresses the role of women in society.

Edmond Azadian, Detroit, Michigan, for a copy of his book Vahan Tekeyan: Banasteghtsutiuneru Hatentir (Yerevan: Tekeyan Cultural Association, 2012), 246pp., in Armenian. A new study of the selected poems of Vahan Tekeyan.

Berge & Alice Bulbulian, Selma, for copies of the book Confessions of a Francophile, by Aram J. Kevorkian (Taderon Press, 2002), 392pp., in English, a series of essays by the noted lawyer and journalist Aram Kevorkian; and for a copy of Atlas of Historical Armenia by H. K. Babessian (Los Angeles-Fresno, 1954), 326 pp., in Armenian.

Archbishop Oshagan Choloyan, Prelate, Armenian Apostolic Church of America (Eastern Prelacy), New York, for a copy of Commentary on the Four Evangelists by Step‘anos Siwnets‘i, translated by Michael B. Papazian (New York: Armenian Apostolic Church of America, 2014), 333pp., in English and Armenian. A translation of an important work, a commentary on the Gospels, reflecting the rich biblical tradition of the Armenian Church.

Dr. Hayk Demoyan, Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan, Armenia, for the following books: Sentinel of Truth: Gourgen Yanikian and the Struggle Against the Denial of the Armenian Genocide by Tigran Kalaydjian (Yerevan, 2013), 119pp., in English; Genocide of Armenians Through Swedish Eyes by Göran Gunner (Yerevan: The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, 2013), 370pp., in English; The Greek Population in the Ottoman Empire and the Asia Minor Disaster (1914-1923) by Gevorg Vardanyan (Yerevan: Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, 2012), 194pp., in Armenian, with an English summary; Volume 1 of the Journal of Genocide Studies (Yerevan 2013), published by the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan, 174pp., in Armenian and English; The Status of the Armenian Deportees Settled in Syria as a Result of the Armenian Genocide and the Armenian-Arab Relations (1915-1924) by Narine Margaryan (Yerevan, 2013), 171pp., in Armenian with an English summary; Janachum yev Datapartum (Recognition and Judgment) by Meline Anoumyan (Yerevan, 2013), 167pp., in Armenian; and Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story, translated into Armenian (Yerevan, 2012), 308pp., in Armenian, a first Armenian translation.
Dr. Arda Arsenian Ekmekji, Dean of Arts & Sciences, Haigazian University, Beirut, Lebanon, for her book Towards Golgotha: The Memoirs of Hagop Arsenian, a Genocide Survivor (Beirut: Haigazian University Press, 2011), 238pp., in English.

Hagop A. Gagossian, Pasadena, California, for a gift of CDs by noted singer Kevork Gagossian and for a memorial volume dedicated to Kevork Gagossian (1942-1969) (Beirut, 1974), 167pp., in Armenian and French.

Shahen Khatchaturian, Yerevan, Armenia, for a copy of his new book, Hovhannes Aivazovski 1817-1900 (Yerevan, 2013), 143pp., in Armenian and Russian. This is the seventh in a series of monographs on noted Armenian artists.

Armine Carapetian Koundakjian, Los Angeles, California, for a gift of her two books, The Repression of Armenian Repatriates During the Stalin Era (Yerevan, 2012), 355pp., in English and What was Written in Iran During Armenian Genocide Years (Yerevan, 2012), 259pp., in English, Armenian, and Farsi.

Jackie Shahbazian Kurkjian, North Hollywood, California for a poster of a letter written to Kurkjian by author William Saroyan in 1969.

Hagop & Knar Manjikian, H. and K. Manjikian Publications, Studio City, for a copy of Our Cross, by M. Salpi, Volume 6 in the Genocide Library Series, translated by Ishkhan Jinbashian (H. and K. Manjikian Publications, 2014), 81pp., in English. M. Salpi (Aram Sahakian) was a medical officer in the Turkish army in World War I. He met many Armenian soldiers and officers who recounted to him the plight of their families following the deportation and massacres.

Nor Or Publishing, Altadena, California, for a copy of Stories (Badmevadzkner), by Antranig Antreassian, Vol. 1, (Yerevan, 2006), 423pp., in Armenian. A selection of short stories from the works of Mr. Antreassian.

Cynthia Shulz, Berkeley, CA, for two booklets on Soviet Armenia: Armenia Today (1977) and The Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic.