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Armenian Studies Program Book/Video/CD Archival Gifts

Prof. Barlow Der Mugrdechian, Prof. Sergio La Porta, and the Armenian Studies Program would like to thank the donors, authors, and publishers for the following books, periodicals, videos, and archival gifts, either offered personally, or to the Program.

Armenian Numismatic Society, Pico Rivera, California, for a collection of books related to the study of Armenian coinage.

  • Books by Paul Z. Bedoukian: Selected Numismatic Studies [I] (1981), xxxvi, 570pp.; Coinage of the Armenian Kingdoms of Sophene and Commagene (1985), 37pp.; Armenian Coin Hoards (1987), 64pp.; A Hoard of Copper Coins of Tigranes the Great and a Hoard of Artaxiad Coins (1991), 30pp.; Armenian Numismatic Studies (2000), viii, 678pp.; Selected Numismatic Studies II (2003), viii, 376pp.; Coinage of the Artaxiads of Armenia (1978), 81pp.; Coinage of Cilician Armenia (1979), xxxi, 494pp.; Armenian Coins and Medals: An Exhibition from the Collection of Dr. Paul Z. Bedoukian (1971), 24pp.; Armenian Books: An Exhibition of Early Printings 1512-1700 from the Collection of Dr. Paul Z. Bedoukian (1975), 24pp.; Thirty Centuries of Armenian Metal Art: An Exhibition from the Collection of Dr. Paul Z. Bedoukian (1978), 24pp.; Armenian Woven Art: An Exhibition from the Collection of Dr. Paul Z. Bedoukian (1980), 24pp.; and Armenian Ceramic Art: An Exhibition from the Collections of Tina & Haroutune Hazarian, Dr. Paul Bedoukian (1982), 24pp.
  • Books by Y. T. Nercessian: Attribution and Dating of Armenian Bilingual Trams (1983), 36pp.; Armenian Numismatic Bibliography and Literature (1984), 29pp.; Bank Notes of Armenia (1988), 224pp.; Silver Coinage of the Artaxiad Dynasty of Armenia (2006), 212pp.; and Armenian Numismatic Studies II  (2009), xii, 580pp.

Harry Demirgian, D.D.S., Scottsdale, Arizona, for the CD with an oral history of Marie Demirgian (1908-1998). The interview was conducted in 1993 with Demirgian, who was a Genocide survivor.

Dr. Richard Hovannisian, UCLA, for a copy of the book Armenian Kesaria/Kayseri and Cappadocia (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers, 2013), ed. Richard Hovannisian, 368pp. Volume 12 in the series “Historic Armenian Cities and Provinces.”

Dr. Kay Mouradian, Los Angeles, California, for the gift of her books and a video: My Mother’s Voice (Balboa Press, 2013), 225pp., in English; A Gift in the Sunlight: An Armenian Story (London: Taderon Press, 2005), 2nd edition, 208pp., in English; and My Mother’s Voice, a video directed by Mark Friedman and based on the novel of the same name.

Ara Sarafian, Gomidas Institute, London, for copies of the following books: Hagop Oshagan, Remnants: The Way of the Womb, Book I (Gomidas Institute, 2014, second edition, tr. by G. M. Goshgarian, 207pp., in English; Thomas K. Mugerditchian, The Diyarbekir Massacres and Kurdish Atrocities (Gomidas Institute, 2013) 76pp., in English; Ara Sarafian, Talaat Pasha’s Report on the Armenian Genocide, 1917 (Gomidas Institute, 2011), 70pp., in English; Sonia Meghreblian, An Armenian Odyssey (Gomidas Institute, 2012), 151pp., in English; and Lewis Einstein, Inside Constantinople: A Diplomat’s Diary During the Dardanelles Expedition, April-September, 1915 (Gomidas Institute and Armenian Studies Program, Fresno State, 2014), 177pp., in English.