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Armenian Studies Program Book/Video Donations

Dr. Kouymjian and the Armenian Studies Program would like to thank the donors, authors, and publishers for the following books, periodicals, videos and archival gifts

Dr. Stephan H. Astourian, Berkeley, for his booklet, From Ter-Petrosian to Kocharian: Leadership Change in Armenia, California: University of California, Berkeley, 2001.

Mr. Alichan A. Bairamian, Glendale, for copies of his two books, The Alexandretta Sanjak Question and World Diplomacy (1918-1939) (Yerevan, 1999) and The Alexandretta Sanjak Question and World Diplomacy (1936-1939) (Antelias, 1998).

Archbishop Dr. Goriun Babian, New Julfa, Isfahan, for the 2001 Calendar of the All Savior Monastery.

Jack & Alberta Bedoian, Sanger, for the extensive collection of Armenian records from the estate of Elissa Melkonian.

Catholicossat Arménien De Cilicie, Antélias, for the book: Kouymjian, D., Editor, Movses Xorenac’i et L’Historigraphie Arménienne Des Origines. Antelias: Catholicossat Arménien De Cilicie, 2001.

Diocese of the Armenian Church of Canada, Outremont, Quebec, for the booklet Archbishop Maghakia Ormanian (1841-1918), Proceedings of a Commemorative Symposium (19-21 November 1999).

W & E Gueleserian & Bergoudian Families, Cambridge, translated and Edited by V. Ghazarian, The Life and Work of Coadjutor Catholicos Papken Gueleserian. Waltham: Mayreni Publishing, 2000.

Ms. Dickie Hovsepian, San Francisco, for a set of the Hye Endanik magazines.

Garo Keheyan, Nicosia, for his book Garo Keheyan (text), J. C. Tordai (photographs), Philip Marsden (preface), Yearning for the Sea. Armenia in the 1990s, Nicosia, Cyprus:Pharos Publishers, 2000. A stunning book about Armenia’s first decade of independence.

Mr. Krikor Keusseyan, Watertown, for his book, Writings and Drawings. Mayreni Publishing, 1998.

Mr. Georges Kiourtzian, Paris, for his book: Recueil Des Inscriptions Grecques Chrétiennes Des Cyclades, Paris: De Boccard, 2000.

Mr. Carl Mahakian, Palm Desert, for several copies of Saroyan books.

Mr. Peter Najarian, Berkeley, for his book, The Great American Loneliness, Watertown: Blue Crane Books, 1999.

Mrs. Helene Pilibosian, Watertown, for the 30 copies of Carvings from an Heirloom and They Called Me Mustafa.

Mr. Vatche Soghomonian, Fresno, for the video The Architects of the Golden Bridge.

Pascal Tchakmakian, Paris, for his book Le Crepuscule des Anges. France, 1984, and for the copy of his Curriculum Vitae and Resume

Papken Topjian, Montreal Quebec, for his book, Book Reviews, Montréal: Armach Périodique, 2000.

Mr. Martin M. Tourigian, Drexel Hill, for a copy of his daughter’s book, JeeJee Dear.

Professor Gabriella Uluhogian, Piazza S Giovanni, for her book Un’Antica Mappa Dell’ Armenia. Bologna:Universita di Bolgna, 2000. Sarkis Vahaken, North Hollywood, for his book, The Crisis, 2000.