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Armenian Studies Program Books/Videos/CDs/Archival Gifts

Antonia Arslan and Paolo Zaninoni for the gift of the book La Strada di Smirne [The Road From Smyrna] (Milan, R.C.S. Libri SpA; 2009), authored by Antonia Arslan.

Serge Avedikian, Paris, for a copy of his movie, “We Drank the Same Water.” [French, English, Armenian].

Dr. George Bournoutian, Iona University, for his gift of the book Armenians in Australia and New Zealand, by Fr. Aramais Mirzaian (Sydney, Australia, 1966).

Dr. Bill Erysian, Fresno, for the gift of his dissertation, Economic Challenges and Solutions in the Future Development of Agricultural Management in the Republic of Armenia, (Armenian State Agrarian University, Yerevan, 2008). 174 pp.

Richard Kloian, Richmond, California, for a gift of the newly restored and edited 24 minute segment of the historic motion picture, Ravished Armenia, produced in 1919. The newly remastered video (2009) was produced by the Armenian Genocide Resource Center of Northern California. It includes a music score, an introduction, 125 sub-titles, and slideshow of production stills.

Col. Carl Mahakian, Palm Desert, for the gift of the following books: William Saroyan’s The Time of Your Life (New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1939); Ataturk: A Biography of Mustafa Kemal, Father of Modern Turkey, by Lord Kinross (New York: William Morrow and Company, 1965); Journeys Between Wars by John Dos Passos (Harcourt: New York, 1922); Early Highland Peoples of Anatolia by Seton Lloyd (McGraw-Hill: New York, 1967); and The Saturday Evening Post Stories: 1957 (Random House: New York, 1957).

Hideharu Nakajima, for the gift of his book, All About Armenia in 65 Chapters (Akshi Shoten Co., Japan: May 2009), in Japanese. In 1984 Nakajim founded the Japanese Institute of Armenia, later renamed the Japan Armenia Friendship Association. The purpose of JAFA is to promote mutual understanding between the Japanese and Armenian peoples. Nakajima’s previous book, The Armenian Genocide: The History and Culture of the Armenian People, was published in 2007.

Haig Sarajian, for the gift of his book, The Silent Generation (Oradell, NJ:  2009).

Lucille Gochigian-Sarkissian, for thirty-four copies of her father’s memoirs, My Father’s Journal: A Soliloquy, by Toros Aris Gochigian, edited by Lucille Gochigian-Sarkissian (Delmar, New York: Linden Printing Services, 2001).

Dr. John Shields, for copies of A History of the Armenian People, Volumes I and II, by George Bournoutian (Costa Mesa: Mazda Publishers, 1993 and 1994).

Dr. Abraham Terian, for a copy of his book Macarius of Jerusalem: Letter to the Armenians, AD 335 (Crestwood, NY: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2008). The book is a translation from the Armenian, with a detailed commentary on the significance of this earliest reference to Armenian Christianity.

Martin Tourigian, Drexel Hills, Pennsylvania, for a gift of his music books with original musical compositions of Armenian songs.

Dr. Ruben Vanian, Visalia, California, for a gift of the books, The Bride Escapes (Wheaton, IL, 1985), by Donith Dyer and Brother of the Bride (Wheaton, IL, 1985), by Donith Dyer. The Bride Escapes was dedicated to the donor’s father, Vaughn Charles Vanian, and concerns his Ruben Vanian’s uncle and grandfather. The Bride Escapes is about Ruben Vanian’s aunt Pearl, who survived the Genocide and moved to the United States.