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Armenian Studies Donations and Books

The Armenian Studies Program, its Sahatdjian Library and Avedian Archives, would like to thank the following individuals for their generous donations.

Armena Russian of Fresno has donated a collection of Armenian and English languages books on Armenian subjects.

Ellen Sarkisian Chesnut of San Francisco sent a number of items from the estate of Anna Akilian Terzian of Yettem and San Francsico including a copy of her 1921 graduation certificate from the Tebrotzasser Girls School in Constantinople and a cassette of Armenian music.

Hilda Sapsezian of Fresno, at the request of her father Rev. Dr. Hagop Chakmakjian (1900-1996) of the Armenian Evangelical ministery and long time Pastor of Pilgrim Congregational Church, has donated a portion of his library in Armenian and English.

Karnig (Carl) Mahakian of Palm Springs for a constant flow of books, old clippings, pamphlets, and memorabilia related to Armenia and the Armenians, especially recent materials on artist Arman Manougian of Hawaii and documents related to establishing that Armenians belong to the Caucasian race.

Levon Jamgochian of Wheaton, Maryland for a collection of art catalogues and clippings devoted to his painting.

Margaret (Paregian) Shaphren of Santa Rosa, California has donated three boxes of Armenian language books and periodicals formerly belonging to her mother and father, Gadar (Catherine) and Charles (Garabed) Paregian of Fresno.

Martin M. Tourigian, painter-composer, of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania for two acrylic paintings, 31 new Armenian songs, and a one act play, to be added to his already numerous donations.

Nectar Avedian of Fresno has donated four boxes of Armenian books.

Ray Kaloosdian of Fresno for a bound photocopy edition of K. S. Papazian, Patriotism Perverted, Boston: Baikar Press, 1934.

Walter Karabian of Los Angeles for photocopies of a letter from Helen Shamlian, daughter of John Andikian, about William Saroyan, and two inscribed Saroyan title pages.

Dr. Dickran Kouymjian, Director of the Armenian Studies Program, would like to thank the authors and publishers for the following books and periodicals.


Abeghian, Artashes, Goethe Schauspiele [Goethe’s Plays], translation and commentary, Yerevan: Press of the Museum for Art & Literature, 1995, 285 pages, offered by Rusan Abeghian of San Francisco along with a number of papers and letters about her father.

Arax, Mark, In My Father’s Name: A Family, a Town, a Murder, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1996, 399 pages. Mr. Arax is a CSUF graduate in journalism.

Auping, Michael, Dore Ashton, Matthew Spender, Arshile Gorky, The Breakthrough Years, New York: Rizzoli, 1995, 188 pages, profusely illustrated. Exhibition catalogue for the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas, and the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Bartve, Reine, Le DŽsir du figuier, Paris: Editions Trs T™t ThŽ‰tre, 1995, 82 pages, the latest play by the French Armenian playwright.

Berberian, Vahe, Pages from a Diary, edited by Ralph Setian, Glendale: Arvest Publications, 1996, 87 pages, richly illustrated with black and white color plates. A luxuriously produced collective tribute to artist and author Berberian donated by Dr. Meher Babian of Glendale.

Chutik Halleakan, Kleine Sammlung armenologischer Untersuchungen, edited by Walter Beltz and Armenouhi Drost-Abgarjan, Hallesche BeitrŠge zur Orientwissenschaft, vol. 20, Halle, 1995, 194 pages, a volume of six articles in German on Armenian language and literature published by the Oriental Institute of the Martin Luther University in Halle.

Dadour, Armen, Symphony, Selected Short Stories, Essays, Literary Appreciation, Memoirs, Travel Notes, Humor, Thoughts, Northridge, CA, 1996, title in Armenian and English, text entirely in Armenian, 627 pages. Available through the author: 18501 Mayall Street Unit F, Northridge, CA 91324.

Dadrian, Vahakn, The Tratment of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Parliament and Its Historical Analysis (in Armenian with English title), Boston: Baikar, 1995, 147 pages with bibliography.

Dadrian, Vahakn N., The History of the Armenian Genocide, Ethnic Conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus, Providence-Oxford: Berghahn Books, 1995, xxviii, 452 pages, with index and bibliography. Prof. Dadrian’s most inclusive book on the Armenian Genocide and the best documented and most serious work on the subject.

Darwent, Brian, editor, Saroyan Memoirs, with an introduction, London: Minerva Press, 1994, 189 pages, a collection of Saroyan’s reflections on famous people.

Der Mugrdechian, Bob, Anushavan: The Intrepid Survivor, Fresno, 1995, 158 pages; available through the author: 3827 E. Butler, Fresno, CA 93702. Biography of grandfather of Barlow Der Mugrdechian.

Enqute, sociologie, histoire, anthropologie, vol. 2 (1996), Usages de la tradition, 222 pages; an annual review available through Editions Parenthses, 72, cours Julien, 13002 Marseille, France.

Goolkasian, Peter Aharon, My Story, Belmont, MA, 1994, ix, 86 pages, published by the author, 113 Fairview Ave., Belmont, MA 02178-3022. “A vivid life story of a child who experienced and survived the Armenian Genocide (1915) and recounts this extraordinary saga at the age of 84.”

Hanson, Victor Davis, The Other Greeks, The Family Farm and the Agrarian Roots of Western Civilization, New York: The Free Press, 1995, xvi, 541 pages.

Hill, Fiona, “Russia’s Tinderbox,” Conflict in the North Caucsus and Its Implications for the Future of the Russian Federation, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, 1995, 108 pages, and 8 pages of maps and bibliography.

Hushsamatean Hay Heghapokhakan Dashnaktzut’ean. Albom-Atlas [Souvenir Book of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. Album-Atlas], vol. I Heroic War(1890-1914), Los Angeles, 1992 xiii, 261 pages, text entirely in Armenian, large format, luxurious album, profusely illustrated with photos of early Armenian Revolutionaries. Volume donated by the Armenian National Committee of Fresno.

Karekin I, Catholicos of All Armenian, Echmiatsin Is Mission. Thoughts and Sermons April-December, 1995, Los Angeles: Western Diocses of the Armenian Church, 1996, 63 pages illustrated.

Kassabian, Anahid, Music in the Age of Postdisciplinarity, special issue of Stanford Humanities Review, vol. 3/2 (autumn, 1993), viii, 201 pages.

Keyishian, Harry, Critical Essays on William Saroyan, New York: G. K. Hall, 1995, xviii, 192 pages, with index. An important collection of essays on Saroyan’s writing, including Harold Aam Veeser, “Saroyan and the Armenian Past,” a review article of An Armenian Trilogy, edited by D. Kouymjian and published by the CSUF Press, and D. Kouymjian, “Whitman and Saroyan: Singing the Song of America.”

Khurshudian, Lendrush, Haykakan Hartze [The Armenian Question], Erevan, 1995, 98 pages.

Melkonian, Zareh, Keank’ov, ev masampk’ norin, Banasteghdzutiwnner, Collected Poems in Armenian, Fremont, CA, 1995, 263, vii pages; available through the author: 42987 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, CA 94539.

Oratzoytz 1996, Church Calendar, published by All Saviour Cathedral, New Julfa, Iran, a gift of Archbishop Goriwn Babian.

Proceedings, The Second International Symposium on Armenia Lingusitics (21-23 September 1987), edited by L. Hovsepian, N. Parnasian, and S. Simonian, 2 vols., Yerevan: Armenian Academy Press, 1993, 244, 253 pages, articles in Armenian, English, French, and Russian.

Shahnazarian, Sempad, Genocide, written in Brownsville, Texas in 1976, unpublished; computered generated version by his son Arsen A. Shahnazarian of Fairfield, California, iv, 89 pages, plus 18 pages of photographs.

Simonian, S. and J. Weitenberg, editors, Computers in Armenian Philology, Yerevan: Armenian Academy Press, 1993, 101 pages, seven articles in English and French.

Smith, Charles D., Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 3rd edition, New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1996, 358 pages.

TŽmisjian, Khatoune, Anna-Maria Folco, Nourhan Ouzounian, editors, La Langue ArmŽnienne: DŽfis et Enjeux, Montreal, University of Montreal Press, 1995, xii, 319 pages. Proceedings of a conference held in June 1994, 15 articles and two roundtable panels on Armenian language, teaching and community structure with a detailed bibliography, pp. 299-319.

Veeser, H. Aram, Confessions of the Critics, New York: Routledge, 1996, xxvii, 284 pages, 23 essays on autobiographical criticism.

Veeser, H. Aram, The New Historicism, New York-London: Routeldge, 1989, xvi, 318 pages; 20 essays on a new wave in literary criticism.

Verluise, Pierre, Armenia in Crisis, The 1988 Earthquake, translated from French by Levon Chorbajian with a forewaord by GŽrard Chaliand, Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1995, xxxi, 162 pages, offered by Mr. Verluise through Berdj Achdjian of Paris.

Zuckerman, Constantine, A Repertory of Published Armenian Translation of Classical Texts, with an Appendix by Abraham Terian, revised by Michael E. Stone, Jerusalem: Institute of African and Asian Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1995, 44 pages.

 Pamphlets, Articles, Offprints

Avdoyan, Levon, Armenian Studies and the Armenian American Community: An Old Curmudgeon’s Viewpoint, Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center, Occasional Papers and Studies, New York, 1995, 10 pages.

Avdoyan, Levon, “Nagorno Karabakh: An historical perspective,” International Journal of Group Rights, vol. 3 (1995), pp. 161-167.

Barsamian, Archbishop Khajag, A Pastoral Letter. To the Armenian Faithful, New York: St. Vartan’s Press, 1995, 43 pages, available through the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America.

Calian, Carnegie Samuel, “Building a Visionary Church. An Organizational Theology for the Congregation,” Theology Today, January, 1996, pp. 485-493. Dr. Calian is President of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary who encourages Armenian students to look to his institution for higher studies.

Derderian, K., Esq., “Vasn hamasp’iwrk’ahay K’ongresi,” [About the Pan-Diaspora Armenian Congress], announcement and appeal, Beirut, 1996, 14 pages; the author: Rue Marache Centre Alichan, Bourge-Hamoud, Lebanon.

Dorian, James P., and Farouk Mangera, Oil and War: Impacts on Azerbaijan and Armenia, East-West Center Working Papers, Energy and Minerals Series, no. 22, September 1995, 28 pages; available through East-West Center, 1777 East-West Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96848. Donated by Dr. Giselle Bousquet, Director, Center for South East Asian Studies, CSU Fresno.

Grigorian, Haikaz, The Origins of the Armenian Assembly of America, Tenafly, New Jersey: Diaspora Foundation, 1995, 24 pages; available through the author: 50 Magnolia Avenue, Tenafly, NJ 07670.

Hanson, Victor Davis, “The Right Man,” MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History (Spring, 1996), pp. 56-65.

Levon 1965-1989, trilingual, Russian, Armenian, English, Yerevan, 1989, 48 pages, catalogue of a touring exhibit by Armenian American artist Levon Jamgochian. Meserlian, Zaven, “Haykakan Hartzi Holovoyr’e 1988-1993-i michev” [The State of the Armenian Question between 1988-1993], Haigazian Armenological Review, vol. 15 (1995), pp. 235-299.

Meserlian, Zaven, “The Genocide of 1915 and the Ottoman Archives” (in Armenian), Hask, Antelias (1994), pp. 277-300.

Najarian, Peter, “Harvest,” (from Writing on the Edge, pp. 59-80), “A Window into Eden,” “India,” “Portrait of the Artist’s Mother,” (from Forkroads, Fall 1995, pp. 67-72), four stories by novelist-artist Najarian.

Ozinian, Vartan, “Language, Mashtotz, BaccalaurŽat, Oshakan and Standards” (in Armenian), reprinted from Haratch daily, Paris, May 1995, 15 pages.

Richardson, Hillary, “The Jewelled Cross and Its Canopy,” From the Isles of the North, Early Medieval Art in Ireland and Britain, Belfast, 1995, pp. 177-186, illustrated. The author discusses stone crosses in Ireland and Armenia and Georgia.

Russell, J. R., “Medieval Armenian Fraternities,” Transactions, The American Lodge of Research Free and Accepted Masons, vol. XXIII (1994), pp. 28-37.

Terjimanian, Hagop, Feasts and Holidays of the Armenian People, Los Angeles: Abril Bookstore, 1996, 36 unnumbered pages, illustrated.

Weitenberg, Jos J. S., “La grammaire armŽnienne “latinatip” du XIIIe sicle,” Analecta Indoeuropaea Cracoviensia, Cracow, 1995, pp. 461-472.

Periodicals & Bulletins

AGBU, Armenian General Benevolent Union, vol. 5/3-4 (1995), vol. 6/1 (1996).

AIM, Armenian International Magazine, 1995-6.

Annual of Armenian Linguistics, vol. 16 (1995), editor; available through the editor: Prof. J. Greppin, FT 10002, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH 44115.

Ararat, A Quarterly, vols. xxxvi/3-4, (1965), xxxvii/1 (1996).

Armenian Voice, Free Newsletter of the London-Armenian Community, no. 26 (1995)

Avarayr, Newsletter of Sts. Vartanatz, Armenian Apostolic Church, Ridgefield, New Jersey, vol. 5/12 (1995).

France-ArmŽnie (1995-1996).

Haigazian Armenological Journal, vol. 15 (1995).

Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies, vol. 6 (1992-3, published 1995).

L’Eglise ArmŽnienne, Bulletin de l’Eparchie de Sainte-Croix-de-Paris des ArmŽniens Catholique de France, nos. 25-26 (1996).

Nor Sebastia, vol. 59 (1995), official organ of the Pan-Sebastia Union, probably the last issue since the Union dissolved itself.

Outreach, Armenian Apostolic Church of American, vol. xviii (1995-6).

Spurk, Publication of the Armenian Popular Movement, Beirut, vol. 28/1-2 (1996).