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Armenian Community School Looks Ahead

by Jacqueline Arikian

The Armenian Community School of Fresno recently celebrated its 20th   Anniversary.  Starting it’s roots at Holy Trinity Church and growing in popular demand by   the Armenian community, the Armenian school has provided an excellent educational   institution for young Armenian children.  The school has 110 students enrolled, ranging    from the ages of  3-12.

The students are taught the same subjects as students in American public   institutions, subjects such as mathematics and english.  However, the students are also   taught how to read and write Armenian, thus being a school of bilingual students.  The Armenian Community School of Fresno ranks as one of the finest educational   institutions in Fresno and Clovis, demonstrating ITAS test scores of students who were all   above average in the tested subjects of mathematics, reading, and written language.

The unique aspect of the school is the fact that a certain bond exists within the   people.   Mr. Seth Atamian, the newly appointed principal of the school, states “There’s a   magnetism that draws us closer to each other.  The magnetism, of course, is that we are   Armenian.”  Atamian, who is a native of Fresno and an educator of 38 years, feels that the   bond is something that brings the Armenians together.  “When I look into their eyes and   they look into my eyes, there’s a common bond,” comments Attanian.

Though the school may not be as technologically advanced as the other public   schools in the Valley, it continues to serve the Armenian community with excellent   education for their children.  It is an environment where Armenian children can grow up in   America and learn about their Armenian history in addition to studying the other subjects   taught in public schools.