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April 24 Commemorative Activites

By Arakel Arisian
ASO President

There is no issue more important to the ASO than the April 24th Armenian Genocide Commemoration.  It is the most encompassing and emotionally  involved issue facing Armenians today.  It always stimulates the studentís emotions and it draws them together with a sense of purpose.  It becomes especially important with the approaching new millennium ; The ASO feels that it is paramount to remind our generation of the Armenian Question so that it is carried on with even more strength in the 21st century.  This year the goal is to focus on informing those persons who know little or nothing about the Genocide, especially non-Armenians. The theme ìThe Truth Must Be Knownî will be used to make an impact on the Fresno State campus and the community as well.  The following activities will help in achieving the results desired.