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Albert and Isabelle Kabrielian of Fresno Establish Two Endowed Scholarship Funds at Fresno State

Staff Report

Dr. Dickran Kouymjian, Haig and Isabel Berberian Professor of Armenian Studies, announced that Albert and Isabelle Kabrielian of Fresno, California have established two scholarship funds, the Albert and Isabelle Kabrielian Endowed Scholarship for Armenian Studies and the Genevieve Tatoian Endowed Scholarship for Armenian Studies, to benefit students enrolling in Armenian Studies courses.

When asked why they chose to establish a scholarship at Fresno State, Isabelle Kabrielian responded, “My husband and I have always followed Armenian Studies and Fresno State and we feel we have contributed to a worthy cause. We would like to see Armenian Studies continue, especially when there is such an interest there.”

The Kabrielians kept a regular tie to the University through Hye Sharzhoom. “Armenian Studies is a necessity. The Program does a good job,” said Kabrielian.

Albert and Isabelle Kabrielian were married in 1946 and moved to Fresno in 1948. Albert Kabrielian was originally from New Jersey, while Isabelle Tatoian was from Chicago. After moving to Fresno, Albert was involved in the repair and maintenance of appliance, later selling parts for appliances. Isabelle attended Fresno State and graduated with a degree in education. She taught for more than thirty years at Jefferson Elementary School in Fresno, teaching fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. Prior to attending Fresno State she worked in the accounting field. Isabelle’s experience was very happy at Fresno State and she still contributes to the Alumni Association.

Albert Kabrielian’s parents, Levon and Mary Kabrielian, were from Izmir and when he was nine months old, his mother returned with him to Izmir because she was homesick. Due to the outbreak of World War I, they could not return until after the war. Kabrielian’s father served in the United States army in France.

Isabelle Kabrielian’s natural mother Martha and husband John Tatoian were from Kharpert. Mr. Tatoian served as a Deacon at St. Paul Armenian Church for many years. As a teenager he taught school in Kharpert and later was employed as a rug weaver and repaired rugs.

The Genevieve Tatoian Endowed Scholarship was established in memory of Genevieve Tatoian who passed away in August of 2002. She was born in Chicago and attended and worked at Northwestern University for several years. In 1966 she moved to California where she was trained as a paralegal. She was an avid reader and believed in education. Although she was not a regular attendee at the Armenian Church, she was very close to the Church, leading an exemplary life. She had a great love of animals.

The first scholarships from the two new endowments will be awarded in the 2004-2005 academic year.

Students may apply for the new scholarships as well as all other Armenian Studies scholarships by contacting the Armenian Studies Program or by going to the Armenian Studies Program website at www.armenianstudies.csufresno.