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A Thank You from the President of the Armenian Students Organization

Sevag Tateosian
ASO President

Sevag Tateosian - President
Sevag Tateosian – President

I would like to thank the students of the Armenian Students Organization (ASO) for electing me President this year. I am thankful that they had enough trust and faith to vote me into the Presidency.

Last year as Vice President under Michael Harutinian, I learned a lot about the Armenian students of Fresno State. For example I learned their likes and dislikes and what they like to do together.

A President is nothing without a strong and hardworking executive. ASO is blessed in having an executive full of angels this year. So far this semester they have shown that they are hard working and like to get everyone together and involved in the ASO. The most important thing about the executive is that they are willing to speak up and give their opinions about planning events, social activities, and meetings. They are always thinking of ideas that will attract members to events.

Their names are as follows:

Tatevik Ekezian - Vice President
Tatevik Ekezian – Vice President

Tatevik Ekezian is the Vice President and is also co-host on the “Hye Oozh” radio show with Armen Postoyan and myself. She keeps me down to earth. For example if I think of an idea that I like, but will not work for everyone else, she is honest and will tell me as well as the other members of the executive that it won’t work, and she will provide several other ideas that will appeal more to the students. She is very intelligent and committed. She is also a very strong vice president. One day she will make a great president.


Erica Ananian - Secretary
Erica Ananian – Secretary

Erica Ananian, who I have known the longest on the executive, is the Secretary. Her friendly, cheerful personality and her ability to make new friends is important, especially to attract and get new members involved, including non-Armenians. Individuals are comfortable around her and her ability to listen to people makes it easy for members to go to her when they need advice on issues.



Carina Karakashian - Treasurer
Carina Karakashian – Treasurer

Carina Karakashian, who was a member of the “Anoush” Barakhoump, is our Treasurer. It is a privilege to have her on the executive. Her experience in ACYO speaks for itself. Her ability to help us plan for events is very important. She is a very hard worker that is dedicated to bringing the group together to not only have fun, but to have them make friends for life. Also, her always-happy personality and smile are a plus!



Nyrie Karkazian - Public Realations
Nyrie Karkazian – Public Realations

Nyrie Karkazian, last, but definitely not least, is responsible for Public Relations. Nyrie was also a member of the “Anoush” Barakhoump. She is so committed to ASO that she opened up her house for us to have a Halloween social gathering. Thanks Nyrie! But that is not all I have to say about her. Her ability to make excellent, eye-appealing flyers to publicize our events has helped make our events a success. She plays a crucial rule in getting our events publicized. The excellent turnout at ASO events demonstrates that people hear about and know about the activities. She is a very nice person and people in the ASO respect her.

Thanks to the members and the executive of the ASO all of our events this year have been a success. The club’s membership is through the roof. This was obvious when we had our canned food drive and the group came up with several big boxes of canned goods that we donated to the Poverello House of Fresno. Our first meeting of the year at Dominion Pizza had so many people attend that the whole pizza shop was full of members. Thanks to Rahmi and Vera, whose family owns Dominion Pizza, for opening their pizza shop to us and not complaining when our members virtually took over the place.

To me there are several things that make the ASO a special organization on campus, but the one thing that I love about this organization is the fact that the members all have a diverse background. They are all Armenians but they come from different parts of the world. There are members who are born here in the United States, there are members from Armenia, Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Australia, Canada and many other parts of the world and they each add something different to our Armenian club.

I would like to thank the members and tell them to keep making ASO a success!