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ASO Spotlight

Alina Arakelian

Staff Writer

Two students who are active in the campus Armenian community are the focus of the ASO Spotlight.


pg-4-haverj-stanboulianHaverj Stanboulian



What is your major and your plan for the future?

I am a Biology major and I would like to be a professor and do research.

What kind of research are you interested in?

I study plant parasitic nematodes, “little worms,” which are a large problem in agriculture. I hope to find a chemical in my research to eliminate these worms and still be safe enough for humans and the environment.

Where have you presented your research?

I presented my research at the 2016 SACNAS conference. It was great for networking and I got to communicate with a lot of graduate schools I would like to attend in the future.

How do you like being involved in the Armenian Students Organization and the Armenian community in Fresno?

ASO is a great community and it brings the Armenian youth together. Also, the Armenian lectures are a great addition to continue conversations between the Armenian students and scholars. It is a really great connection to our culture in a country other than Armenia.

What are some of your other pastimes?

In addition to Biology, I enjoy painting. I am actually minoring in Art! I explore different media such as scratch boarding, pastels, and different types of paint. My favorite artists are Vincent Van Gogh and William Turner. My favorite painting is by Caspar David Friedrich, “A Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog.”


Melanie Kojaartinianpg-4-melanie-k



Could you summarize your background and how you came to Fresno?

I was born and raised in Paris and I moved to Boston at the age of 15. I went to an international high school in Cambridge where I graduated in June. I decided to attend Fresno State because my father moved to Fresno.

What is your major and your plan for the future?

I chose the International Business major because I would like to work in an international company, travel, and work in a multicultural environment.

In what ways is the Armenian community in Fresno similar and/or different from the Armenian community in France?

Both communities are quite similar, Armenians are very welcoming.

How do you like Fresno?

I like Fresno very much. People are very friendly, welcoming, and they really seek to help international students. I also like the organizations, clubs, and opportunities offered by Fresno State. In addition, I enjoy the diverse community because I am interested in making friends from different backgrounds.