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Charlie Keyan’s Donation

Staff Report

Keyan_tThe Armenian Studies Program awarded scholarships and research grants from seven different endowment or scholarship funds and research grants for a total of $46,800. These scholarships encourage students to purse minors in Armenian Studies and to enroll in the various course offerings. We ask our student and our supporters to tell their friends and relatives about the Armenian Studies Scholarship program and encourage them to apply.

Applying has become simplified and is entirely online through the Program website at http:// www.armenianstudies .csufresno.edu and the University website at http://www.csufresno.edu

Nerces and Ruth Azadian Memorial Scholarship
Ashley Allred, Fresno, English; Grigor Kyutunyan, Fresno, Business

Norma and Bob Der Mugrdechian Armenian Studies Endowed Scholarship Fund
Barseg Abanyan, Fresno, Pharmacy

Yervant, Rose and Hovannes Levonian Educational Grant Christina Ajamian, Fresno, Athletic Training; Ashley Allred, Fresno, English; Jack Ajamian, Fresno, Business; Gevork Aristakesyan, Fresno, History; Antranik Avedikian, Fresno, Business Administration; Zhanna Bagdasarov, Fresno, Clinical Psychology; Alex Bunch, Concord, Biological Research; Joe Dobbins, Fresno, Health Science; Windy Dunbar, Fresno, Accounting; Gayane Frnzyan, Fresno, Business Administration; Evelina Gyulnazaryan, Fresno, Nursing-RN; Gina Jelladian, Fresno, Business/Finance; Ariana Kasparian, Selma, Physical Therapy; Yeranui Kglyan, Fresno, Psychology; Zvart Kojekian, Fresno, Government Law; Sebouh Krioghlian, Fresno, Physiology; Louise Latham, Selma, Ancient Near East Studies; Ernest Martirosyan, Fresno, Teaching; Alina Melkonian, Fresno, Medicine; Nona Noroyan, Fresno, Pharmacist; Azniv Orinakyan, Fresno, Teaching; Armen Postoyan, Fresno, Sales and Marketing; Alyssa Sahakian, Fresno, Dentistry; Suzanna Simonyan, Fresno, Medicine; Anna Stepanian, Fresno, Pharmacy; Samuel Tadevosian, Glendale, Business.

Charles K. and Pansy Patigian Zlokovich Scholarship
Nichole Berberian, Fresno, English/Law; Narine Goukasian, Fresno, Social Work; William Hansen, Fresno, History; Carina Karakashian, Fresno, Business Law; Stepan Kyutunyan, Fresno, Electronics; Erin Surabian, Reedley, Comm. Disorders Spch. Path; Caitlin Tiftick, Clovis, Business Administration; Jennifer Torosian, Fresno, Business Administration.

The Pete Peters Endowment
Barseg Abanyan, Fresno, Pharmacy; Gevork Aristakesyan, Fresno, History; Zhanna Bagdasarov, Fresno, Clinical Psychology; Evelina Gyulnazaryan, Fresno, Nursing-RN; Erin Hagopjan, Reedley, Nursing; Carina Karakashian, Fresno, Business Law; Christina Karakashian, Fresno, Business; Nyrie Karkazian, Fresno, Journalism; Talene Kasparian, Selma, Communication; Sebouh Krioghlian, Fresno, Physiology; Tara Lee, Clovis, Real Estate; Mary Madoyan, Clovis, Armenian Studies; Aram Melikian, Fresno, Business; Kristina Pogosyan, Fresno, Philosophy; Armen Postoyan,Fresno, Sales and Marketing; Stephanie Stockdale, Fresno, Government/Law; Justin Surabian, Reedley, Computers; Hakop Tataryan, Fresno, Accountancy; Marjorie Visser, Clovis, Deaf Education/cultures; Matthew Zakarian, Fresno Business.

Telefeyan Evangelical Fund, Inc. Scholarship
Azniv Orinakyan, Fresno, Teaching

The Harry and Mary Toopozian Armenian Studies
Merit Scholarship Fund
Hakop Tataryan, Fresno, Accountancy